I've hardly shown any pictures of our bedroom. Although it was one of the first rooms that was "unpacked", it just hasn't totally come together how I'd like it. Since getting our For Like Ever poster up and a new duvet cover, I've been liking it a little more.

The gist:

The room was blah beige when we moved in, and with the creamy toned white of the floors and a crappy overhead light fixture, it really had the most unflattering appearance. So we painted it blue (the same blue as the office, actually). The big beautiful windows have privacy blackout shades, but we added those pretty sheers from Ikea (they are yet to be hemmed). The chair was Ryan's from college and is Ikea. The rug you may recognize as our old dining room rug - unfortunately Thisbe decided it was her wrestling toy in the dining room (plus it was on the small side) so it went into storage for a while until ending up here. It looks very dark in the picture above but it's much more red and navy in person, and has a hint of pink. The duvet cover we just got (for $35 on Overstock!) and it is white with a pink trim and has matching shams. The shams photographed terribly, but here is a picture so you can see the top of the bed. And would it have killed me to iron?:

The bed is Crate and Barrel. The nightstands are from Target (almost two years ago and they no longer carry the style), and the lamps are Ikea. On our save-up-for list is a queen-size bed. We have the room for one, but to get a bed I like and a new mattress (plus all new sheets...) is out of our budget for a while. I'll probably get something that isn't as dark - it looked great in my old apartment but here it's just a little too heavy and modern looking. I'm also dying for new lamps, which may be a Christmas present (hint hint) or maybe sooner if we find a steal.

Here's the room when we first moved in (the natural light does not show the awfulness of the lighting at night):

(sorry about the mess, we were literally about to paint!). Our dresser is to the right of the windows, and it has our refinished mirror above it - here's an older picture. Pretty much the same, only now there is a corner of rug under the dresser.

My wish list:

1. New bed

2. New lamps

3. Throw pillow for bed (I'm having the toughest time choosing a fabric!)

4. Pink throw blanket for chair, and a pillow

5. More art

6. Chandelier. This won't happen, but it's fun to dream!

7. Pictures with a wide-angle lens so you could see the whole thing!

It's coming together but it's still a work in progress! Meanwhile we're on our last two projects for the dining room that I hope will be totally wrapped up this weekend! It's really starting to come together! And we have a project brewing for the living room too! It never ends (but would a decorator like me have it any other way???).