Painting Dining Room Chairs

We have been super busy in our dining room and only one major project stands between us and the AFTER pictures. Planned to have it done on Sunday, but Ryan and I found our DIY limitations, so we're moving on to Plan B (and Plan C, if we have to!). In the meanwhile, we've tackled the icky chair problem. The result:

After looking for hours on Craigslist and seeing only frumpy vintage chairs that would need repainting anyway, we opted to paint the ones we had. Now, I would have preferred to buy all new upholstered linen chairs, but since our budget is blink-and-you'll-miss-it tiny, we worked with what we had. They aren't super comfortable, but at least they aren't ugly yellowing stain anymore! Basic no-brainer upgrade (although it wasn't simple or easy - do you see all those spindles?). They make the whole room look fresh and bright. Love it!

So bear with us as the final reveal is postponed again - it's probably killing me more than you! So ready for this room to be finished and finally all put together.