Busy busy

Hello my dears!

Sorry to be a bit light on the posting this week, but I've been swamped all week with design guides (you'll see one next week!) and up to my ears in a special project. I've been working on an ebook that I hope will debut later this month and the big photoshoot is tomorrow! Eeek! I have a totally new respect for prop stylists - I'm juggling about ten lists, eight piles, three edited schedules, and I don't even have to report to anyone else, just me! Hopefully they turn out well. In the meantime my dining table is heaped in stuff and I'm running on empty. Will have lots more goodies for you next week though!

In the meantime, the photo above is from the soon-to-debut and sure-to-be-adored Rue Magazine. Co-Founder and Editor in Chief Crystal Gentilello shared her home for the pages of the magazine. She's never shared it on her blog, Plush Palate before, so this will be quite the treat! Already loving the feminine glam seen in the living room! For more Rue sneak peeks, visit Plush Palate, Style Me Pretty, Casa Sugar, Shelter Pop, and Coco + Kelley. You won't be sorry, and be sure to check out the debut issue on September 16 (just one week away!). Can't wait!

By the way, my shop sale runs only through this week! My most popular items are marked down, so be sure to snap them up while the sale lasts!