Fall fashion favorites

Even though we're on a tight budget, I'm still day-dreaming about adding new pieces to my fall wardrobe. I thought I'd share some of my browsing favorites here  - maybe one of you can spring for these easier than I can! Warning: not all small-budget friendly.

1. Army green tunic, Urban Outfitters. I'd pair it with skinny blank pants and to-the-knee boots.

2. Polka-dot dress, Madewell. So cute with oxford heels and tights. I'd throw on the sweater from #10 and cinch it with a wide brown belt.

3. Brass necklace, Dores. The perfect delicate touch to any fall outfit.

4. Jeans, Ann Taylor LOFT. I like my jeans with a straight-leg and really dark.

5. Cozy cardigan, Madewell. Perfect for going apple picking and going Halloween costume shopping.

6. Gray Toms, Nordstrom. I've been wanting a pair for a while and I hear they are SO comfortable.

7. Leather and brass bracelet, Madewell. Edgy enough to be almost menswear but fitted for a woman.

8. Dress, Modcloth. Can't you see this with red lipstick and cute red flats?

9. Blazer, Emersonmade. Emerson can do no wrong, in my book. Leather buttons - I die.

10. Drapey cardigan, Gap. The perfect transitional piece for the office.

11. Desert shoes, Piperlime. I know, they're weird looking. But kind of sexy in a forlorn poet way. And so unexpected with dresses.

12. Green Hunter rain boots, Nordstrom. This may be the only thing I actually splurge on for this fall, but hey, I live in Seattle.

Happy shopping! What is on your list this fall?