Seattle decorating services now available!

Attention locals: I'm now available for some in-person design work in the Seattle/Tacoma area! I know for some who are nearby, it seems silly to do everything over the internet when you might be just down the street.

So whether you want me to come by for an hour to give a few suggestions, or you want a full design experience that will take several weeks, let's get together and talk design! It doesn't have to just be interior decorating - maybe you want some ideas for the holidays, a special event, or some organizing advice.

For the time being, I will be billing hourly (and depending on location, some mileage expenses). For more in-depth designs, a 30 minute consultation is included free of charge to establish a plan.

A few examples of how much time we might spend (but these are all flexible):

1 hour: Discuss floor plan, rearrange a little, talk about color scheme, accessories, and vignettes.

2 hours: Design a holiday or small event scheme.

3 hours (+): Includes a 30 minute consultation to determine how to best spend our time.

4-5 hours: A one-day makeover including a quick shopping trip for some new items for a room in your home.

8 hours: Design a holiday or event scheme and shop for decorations, etc. Additional hours for installation may apply.

10-12 hours:  A full room concept with shopping together or by myself, and some installation. Additional hours for installation may apply depending on the complexity of the project and on a case-by-case basis.

Every design process is different, so email me for more details ( and we can talk about how much assistance you want and the scope of your project. I look forward to hearing from you!

Photo by Maggie Morgan (isn't this city beautiful?)