Video inspiration

Ok, so I must confess that I'm a wedding junkie. I loooove weddings, wedding blogs, wedding planning. Love it. I don't blog about it a lot here because I'm not engaged, wedding stuff could easily take over the blog, and there are a ton of wedding blogs that are already doing an amazing job. Anyway, so I saw this video a while back and wasn't sure if I should share it, but I finally figured what the heck - it's pretty and you guys like pretty! This isn't a real wedding video, it's almost an inspiration video created alongside a beautiful photoshoot coordinated by Anne Sage for wedding style inspired by Pride and Prejudice. And it is just lovely! Watch with the sound on, if you can, because the music is quite beautiful as well.

Inspiration from Pride and Prejudice | The City Sage at Villa Montalvo from andrew msv on Vimeo.

This was originally featured on Style Me Pretty (and you can see the photoshoot results as well!)

A big round of applause for the people behind the video as well, namely Anne Sage/The City Sage for concept, production and styling, photography: Lisa Lefkowitz Photography, cinematography: Andrew Hsu/Studio MSV. See the vimeo page for additional credits!