Winner and a guest post

Thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway from artist Kate Townley Smith! It was very moving to read all of your entries about what your home means to you, some heartwarming and some very sad. If you did NOT win, I ask you to please consider supporting this generous artist by making even a small contibution toward her fundraising goal - she has only a week left to raise the last $415 or she doesn't get any of the funding to complete her tiny homes project. Plus, you'll get little thank you gifts at various levels. Here's Kate to announce the winner! Everyone, thank you for sharing your wonderful stories about your homes. I want my project to be filled with this emotion that we all feel we talk about our home. For some it's security, for some it means they've finally made it, for others it's an expression of themselves. And sadly, for some people, it's not a good feeling. But I've found, by hearing people's thoughts about their home, a home is a big part of identity. I think it's important to treat it right, and to honor it. That's a big reason I partnered with Maggie Rose for this giveaway - she has wonderful options (for any budget) to help people care for their homes, and making them a little brighter!

For compete fairness, I drew a name from an actual hat (a baseball cap), and Emily wins!

Although Emily is the winner, I would love it if you would still like to participate. As of today, the project is 80% funded, with one week to go!

For my second order of business, I'm featured over on my girl Jadyn's blog today (you remember her living room design I did?). Read all about my design principles, and what is next for Maggie Rose!