Katie's Spare Room

This is a design board I prepared for an e-decorating client in Australia this month. Katie had a spare room that she wanted to start using as an office and extra place to watch tv or movies. All the furniture was leaving the room, so except for the armchairs that were coming in from a different part of the house, we were starting from scratch.

One challenge with the room was the size - it was pretty small for a multi-purpose room. Katie's original idea was to include three armchairs in the room. I was able to prepare a to-scale floorplan with that in mind and we determined that in practice, the three armchairs would be too crowded. So we scaled back to two chairs and centered the new desk along the back wall where it would have space to breathe. How many times have we known "exactly" what a room will look like when visualizing it, only to have the layout look much different in actuality? Without moving any furniture upstairs, we were able to determine a better plan.

Katie loves color, so I tried to keep this room light and fresh so it would be a fun place to hang out. The floral fabric will be  made into a curtain to replace less than exciting sliding closet doors. Three floating shelves will be a place to keep some attractive office storage without taking up any floor space. And little glass side tables will take up very little visual space, all easy tricks for people with small rooms. Although Katie plans to get this white Ikea cabinet for a DVD player and place the tv on top of it, another space-saving trick would be to mount the tv on the wall if you don't have additional media equipment that needs storage.

I also love the addition of natural touches to this room. The walls will be painted a soft green. The natural feeling of the rattan chairs compliments the bamboo blinds and woven trashcan, and the birch frames help tie it all together.

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