Storing vinyl

I think I've alluded to the "orphan corner" in our living room before. You probably have one somewhere too - the awkward spot that seems to collect the random stuff that just doesn't have a home. And even though you have stuff that could "live" in that spot, it's almost always awkwardly shaped so that not much fits there. I don't have any "before" pictures of the orphan corner because I was too embarrassed to take any, but it held (part of) Ryan's cd's - that we don't listen to because we use an iPod hookup for music in the living room, a box of vinyl records that hadn't been unpacked since we moved a year ago, the record player, a basket of blankets, and extra throw pillows.

The dilemma that had me throwing up my hands in the air? We want more seating and we also want to have the record player actually USED, which means a tabletop of some sort AND storage for the records. But there is a large window in the corner that comes pretty low on the wall, and the album storage I was finding was getting pricey (or ugly).

Enter our favorite Swedish hero, Ikea.

record album storage living room

Yep, that's an Expedit shelf, a one by five, flipped horizontally. Albums fit PERFECTLY in this space. We also moved some of our extra books here (from when I rearranged the bookshelves recently) and picked up a basket from Ikea. The basket holds extra candles and things like vase filler.

The plan is to make a cushion for under the window (moving the player where the basket is for now) for emergency seating when we have guests over. It's pretty sturdy and will accommodate at least one person. The rest of the time I think Thisbe will enjoy her bird-watching out the window. But seeing as my list of things-to-sew is getting longer and longer, this might be a while. In the meantime, we found a new home for the cd shelf (fits perfectly in the office) and we finally unpacked the last moving box with the records. And we JUST beat our first anniversary of living in the house, so we were officially moved in before the year was up!

And yep, you read that right! Last week we celebrated one year in our Queen Anne home. Can you believe it's already been so long? The house has come a long way and I'm busy trying to make sure we have photos of each room to take you on a "tour" very soon!

So what do you think? Did we find a pretty good solution to our "orphan corner" or what?