Kitchen Island


When we first moved into our house in October 2009, we were combining two households of furniture. My dining table and chairs made it into the dining area, while Ryan's round table and chairs lived in the kitchen (we also ate most of our meals in the kitchen too). Since our big project of the summer was refinishing the old kitchen table (and selling my smaller set on Craigslist), we lost prep space and storage space in the kitchen. Since we're renters, we weren't about to renovate the kitchen (oh, but how I'd like to!). We needed an affordable option that could potentially move with us someday. So when Ryan got some money for his birthday  right around the time we were sanding down the table, we planned a little trip to Ikea.

Yes, this was at least three months ago, and I'm finally getting around to posting pictures! I'm terrible.

Here is that corner of the kitchen now:

Kitchen Island

Those are the roman shades that I DIY'd out of miniblinds. The stool is also from Ikea (it's Thisbe's favorite perch to look out the window from). The compost pail is from World Market. And that is our iPod dock on the counter because Ryan likes to play music while he cooks (yes, I'm spoiled and come home to a warm dinner most nights).

You may remember it was the chandelier that came with the unit that sold us on the kitchen and gave us our color scheme:

I still love it, and we still get compliments on it.

The island is great because it doubles our usable counter space (our microwave lives on the counter, as does the necessary coffee machine and dish rack). It's a perfect prep space, especially for dough for pizza or bread, and you can see that it is toast central as well. We also get a lot of use out of the shelf below - easy access to mixing bowls and baking dishes, as well as storage for awkwardly large items like canning jars and my cake stand. Our pizza peel hangs above - sometime I'd love to fill the wall with hanging cutting boards and bread peels.

So there's our little update to the kitchen!