Decorating for Fall


fall decor Fall is by far my favorite season, and even though I love the spooky decorations of Halloween, I like to start off with a simple fall scheme, add my spook for Halloween weekend, then take it out and leave the other decor up for Thanksgiving. Here we have phase one (with just a touch of phase two). Pumpkins lining our stairs, an olive branch wreath ($3 at the craft store!) and a haybale with more pumpkins under the front window.

For a slightly spooky touch, I hung a tattered length of cheesecloth from the kitchen (stretching, ripping, and exaggerating the holes so they look creepy), then mixed in some faux leaves. This was actually my Halloween party table runner last year - I just hung it from some tacks inside the window. Here's a close-up

Indoors we're not doing much this year (not throwing a party) so I've kept it simple. We did pick up some candy, and it's currently sitting in front of me (uh oh!) in this glass pumpkin bowl that I found at Goodwill for like $2.50. And we have a few mini-pumpkins scattered around (there's one on the tv stand in the background).

What little touches do you do to bring in the fall season? We also keep our throw blankets close at hand, and Ryan starts roasting and baking more in the fall, so our house always smells like yummy spices. But we're trying to keep it simple this year and not spend too much money - I'm saving up for Christmas decorations instead!

P.S. For a fun blast-from-the-past, follow the links to last year's Halloween party before we'd done much decorating!