Garden Update: Fall

It's been a while since a garden update! After a bountiful summer, it was finally time to turn down the beds for fall.

Now, Washington has a mild enough fall that we could have replanted for a fall harvest, but we decided not to this year.  Instead, we tore out all the dying plants (some came out as early as August) and we took down the poles from the snap pea trellis. Those two little bushes you see in the second bed are my lavender bushes.  Then yesterday Ryan pulled out all the weeds that grew up since we cleared the beds a few weeks ago. Then he laid down a layer of mulch over the dirt, and around the bases of the lavender plants. The mulch will keep weeds at bay over the winter until we're ready to plant again in spring. The lavender should be protected from all but the harshest freeze with their roots covered and toasty. The mulch should slowly breakdown and will be incorporated into the soil in spring when we bring in some compost.

Thanks for sticking out this gardening adventure with us! I had so much fun raising our first garden and eating from our own yard. We had a bumper crop of lettuces, lots of potatoes, more peas than we could eat, and will continue to use the herbs through the winter. If you're considering starting a garden next spring, I'd highly encourage it!