Updating the gallery wall (again)

I know, I know... I can't leave well enough alone once a project is "done." I'm revamping our little gallery wall once again.

The reason? Pretty exciting, actually. I'm having a real photographer come in to shoot our house so you will finally see some decent photos of it. So of course I've packed the next six weeks or so FULL of projects that have been on the back burner for a little while. Things like throw pillows for the sofa, finally wrapping up our final project on Dining Room Rehab... and yes, I decided to redo the gallery wall. I don't like how all the pieces are big. And I've been wanting to rehang them closer together but just couldn't get up the energy to patch the holes.

Since we're still on a tight budget 'round these parts, I'm trying to score some thrift store and dollar store frames (oh yes, friends. Just wait) and the art itself will be cheap as well. I spent sometime on Vintage Printables and ffffound and just see some of the goodies I found!

I order prints from Snapfish (I've never blown anything up too big, so I'm not sure how that works). Affordable and pretty.

Ok, your turn to 'fess up! What part of your decor are you constantly rearranging (Emily asked this a few days ago and I said all horizontal surfaces... guess I should change my answer to ANY and ALL surfaces!)??