Status update

Well my dears, I'm fighting off a cold with all my might (bronchitis is going around my office building!) so I'm going to take it easy. But it seemed like a good opportunity to share some exciting news (that you've heard already if you follow me on Twitter)!

Ryan got a job!

Long-time readers might remember the exact opposite news about this time last year. Right before Thanksgiving 2009, Ryan was told he was being laid off. He was able to work through the first week of December. This was only a few months after moving in together, and many of our exciting plans were put on hold. Then in December, my job's hours were cut down to 32/week.

Over the last year he's been able to pick up some temporary work (yep, he was a census worker!) but for the most part, his main role has been that of house-husband. Taking excellent care of me, our kitty, and our home. He's learned to love to cook, he keeps the house cleaner than I do, and if he starts paper-crafting he'll be giving Martha a run for her money. But he's been searching seriously for a job to feel challenged and creative again (his career field is software development).

About two weeks ago he scored his first interview all year, and they hired him on the spot! He's working part-time, so we're not quite back to normal yet - there is a possibility of promotion in a few months if things go ok. But we're thrilled to be able to dream a little further than just paying the bills - I finally ordered some items for the house we've been waiting on. And hopefully we'll be able to plan a mini-getaway for our anniversary in January.

I'm not going to get into a lot of detail here, but it was a tough year for us. I had been used to spending money freely as I wanted, and adjusting to a strict budget, cutting out almost all "fun money" and putting our savings goals on hold for a year was a big reality check for me. The next time this happens (hopefully not ever, but you never know, and I'm not going to be comfortable saying we're in the clear for a few months still) I want to be prepared with a substantial emergency fund. We're still in budget mode, but we've purchased a few celebratory items (pictures coming soon!)

And I definitely learned that even though I'm all for budget-decorating, when your budget is $0, there's not a whooooole lot you can do after you've rearranged four times!

Ok, I'm going to go take some Vitamin C and make some tea. And please feel free to share some of your own exciting news in the comments! Let's celebrate together.

Photo from stylist Twig Hutchinson.