Photoshoot punch list

vintage cameras So I mentioned a week or two ago that we're planning a little photoshoot here at the house to be the first shots in my design portfolio (the downside to primarily doing online decorating is I don't have many "after" pictures to show off!). So we're in a tizzy over all the projects that I've been dreaming of doing but have put off either due to budget constraints or laziness lack of urgency.

The shoot will be early December. Here's my "punch list" of the projects I want to finish:

1. Sew throw pillows for living room (fabric being delivered as we speak!)

2. Get foam for window seat (fabric already purchased)

3. Purchase coffee table book I've been lusting over (seriously, $26 isn't THAT much of a splurge!)

4. Polish bar cart, get mirror cut for shelves (depends on estimate I get), stock it with the good stuff.

5. Re-do gallery wall (prints arrived, need to paint new small frames)

6. Art for living room wall (includes DIY art and painting more frames!)

7. Bedroom chair? This may not happen because I can't afford what I REALLY want.

8. Office chair? Ditto.

9. Bedroom lamps. Crossing my fingers that TJ Maxx has something good. Otherwise, what we have will have to do.

10 . Console table in dining room - ordered!

Of course I'd LOVE to get some of my big ticket items - and while I'm at it, reupholster the sofa and chair in living room - but since I do live in the real world, my ideals aren't all going to happen. But those that I've determined to be a priority are happening. I'll be busy the next few weeks, but there's nothing like a looming deadline to make me work on the house. Wish me luck! And I'll be sure to include some photos and tutorials along the way (or at least after the fact!)