Modern nursery on Good Tots

I love finding inspiration in unexpected places and throwing a twist into the mundane "prescribed" designs that are so common. For instance, nurseries. We think "pastels" and "lambs" and "cutesy".  What if we went another direction and said "creative" and "worldly" and "expressive"? Just because the room's occupant is delightfully cuddly doesn't mean the room has to be.

On my latest "Living With Kids" post over on Good Tots for Less, I use the rug above to jumpstart a fun and modern nursery design.  As much as possible, I tried to keep costs low - instead of a matching suite of nursery furniture, I found an affordable crib and mixed in a vintage dresser that you could find anywhere. The only place I couldn't cut corners was the glider. It's tough to find a glider that isn't ugly. But the bonus is, this one will work in any room long after the wee one is through with being rocked and cradled. Let me know what you think!