Change of plans

On Monday I posted my punchlist for the photoshoot we were planning for early December. Monday night, I came to my senses. So many projects, plus Christmas and Thanksgiving, plus two other holiday photoshoots coming up... recipe for a stress-fueled meltdown. So I canceled the photoshoot and will reschedule sometime after the new year. The good news? Remember this fabric? I bought it for a skirted console table in the dining room.

The table arrived on Monday night, and I'm starting to think it looks better in the entryway. Since I have a little extra time, I'm thinking of repurposing the fabric and making drapes for the dining room instead. Go big or go home, right?

Thanks for allowing me to be flexible. Blogs are great for announcing projects to stay accountable, but sometimes it's time to recognize when we're pushing ourselves too far. I still plan to finish the projects (and can't wait to share some tutorials), but now I have a more manageable (and affordable) timeline.

Have a great weekend!