Giving thanks

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American readers. I hope everyone has safe travels (or a low-stress day for those of you hosting!).

Today I have lots to be thankful for (a warm house, employment, welcoming family, a darling kitty), but there are many who do not have those things. I'd ask you to consider making a donation - today or this week- to a charity that represents something you're thankful for. There are foundations that raise money for health services and research, for the homeless, for the hungry, for animals, for foster children, and for our troops. For just about anything really. In a small way, we can all help somehow, and spread the thankfulness.

In the meanwhile, enjoy your dinners (my favorites are stuffing and pumpkin pie!) and enjoy those family and friends you're able to share it with!

Lastly, thank YOU for being a reader of my blog, for your input, comments,inspiration, support, and friendship. Happy Thanksgiving - and come back tomorrow where we kick of the next holidays...