All in the details

One of my favorite things to do when decorating is when you get to that sweet spot where you're really just focusing on details. Attention to detail is a make-it-or-break-it quality. This shot, from Lonny magazine, has that great balance of looking styled and natural. Not entirely unachievable for views at home, but not so bland and cut and dry that we fall asleep before we get to the moss ball. The lamp? I love geodes, so I'm rather partial to it, but it's a great statement piece. The moss ball is a great balance in texture - soft and fluffy versus the jagged and shiny of the lamp. Can't go wrong with a stack of books, and a bowl or dish is always safe - I love that this one has a really graphic design on the black exterior, and just a hint of the shiny interior.

One stylist favorite is tucking photos in the frame of a mirror. I'm torn - sometimes it can feel gimmicky. Here it works, I think, because the colors of the print blend so well with the gorgeous wood of the dresser (love that they kept the knobs simple too). And of course, the mirror is stunning, and just-tarnished-enough.

Would you say your house is at a down-to-the-details stage, or are you still laying the ground work? I'd say that we're 50/50. In some rooms we're detail oriented. In others (like the living room), we're able to do some detail work now, but we know that this likely isn't the look we'll have forever, if the sofa gets replaced or recovered in the next 5 years or so. And some, like the bathroom and kitchen, we're JUST in the details and accessories because as renters we can't change anything huge. So where do you put yourself?