Christmastime is here!

Last week we made some progress in our holiday decorations. Here's a peek:

This year we went for a gold and purple scheme with touches of blue. Because this is our first Christmas with Thisbe, we kept the lowest branches unadorned.

We rearrange some furniture so the tree is framed by the windows. I haven't been able to make up my mind about a tree skirt, so for the time being, we don't have one.

I think this little guy is one of my favorite ornaments.

We try to sprinkle a little cheer around the house - this is the bowl that I planted succulents in last spring (my indoor plants don't usually do as well as our garden...). The inside bottom of the bowl is damaged, but you can't tell when it's filled with ornaments!

Inspired by Ez's mini tinsel-wreaths, I used a foam wreath form and dollar-store tinsel in place of a traditional wreath this year. I love the jolt of sparkle when I leave and return home!

Still to do: finish sewing stockings, get tree skirt, wrap gifts, and stock the bar! We're throwing a party in two weeks and I can't wait to share those details with you!