Filled ornaments

Good news - there is still time to crank out a Christmas craft or two (I still have to make our stockings!). I made these ornaments a few weeks ago and LOVE how they turned out. Plus, they were super easy. You'll need:

Glass fillable ornaments (the metal cap should be removeable)

Filler (anything that might fit through the top hole of the ornament). Moss, fake snow, little jingle bells, sticks, sequins, fabric...

Here are mine:

I used moss in this one for a natural look.

Scraps of gold tulle look sparkly on the tree.

Fake snow on the inside, sparkle-sticker (from the scrapbooking section) on the outside!

I filled the last one with feathers from the craft store.

In some cases, I used the eraser tip of a pencil to gently push the item into the ornament and position it a bit. I also had grand plan to etch our monograms onto two ornaments but we had a little snafu with my stencils (the curved glass posed a bit of a problem). Hoping to debut a different etching project in a few weeks!

What holiday crafts are on your list?