Happy 2nd birthday, blog!

Happy birthday, dear bloggy.... happy birthday to you! Maggie Rose officially turns two years old today! Well, the name Maggie Rose is relatively new, but I've been blogging about interior design and affordable style since 2008. I'm so proud of how the blog has grown, both in readership and in scope. And I'm so grateful to those who come back each day to read what I've got to say and to those who leave wonderful, inspiring, and encouraging comments!

As I enter the terrible twos (let's hope toddler years for blogs are kinder than kid years!) I have lots of goals, ideas, and plans. I can't wait for some of them to unfold. On Friday you'll have a chance to give me your ideas and feedback - I'll have my now annual reader survey so I can continue to offer content that you love. But tomorrow is when I spill the answers to your (varied and interesting!) questions. I've read them all and I can't wait to write up my responses.

First, though, we have a winner to announce! Thanks again to EmersonMade for offering up the beautiful blouse for the giveaway - I can't think of a better way to honor my readers than to be able to give one of you something from one of my very favorite brands! And our winner is..... (selected by Random Number Generator....)

Entry #27, Maybeth, who wrote:

Congratulations, Maybeth! I'll be in touch via email and you have 48 hours to claim your prize!

To everyone else, cupcakes and champagne! Let's celebrate!