Be still my heart...

Most long-time readers will know that I LOVE fabric. It is my absolute favorite thing about decorating. I can stare at swatches for hours and hours. I'm thinking about adding pillows to my etsy shop sometime next year... in part just because I love fabric so much. Here are some of the fabrics I'm considering for shop pillows. Let me know if anything sticks out to you and I'll put it at the top of my list! Alexandra Vine in Terracotta by F. Schumacher:

Divine Silk Stripe by Lee Jofa:

Pradish in Kiwi/Grape from Calico Corners:

Citysquare in Mistymorn by Thom Filicia:

Caspian Stripe in Coral by F. Schumacher:

Starry Night in Chartreuse by F. Schumacher:

Prospect in Shadow by Thom Filicia:

Tribal Thread in Sunset from Calico Corners:

I can't wait to debut these later in 2011 - first though I have to re-teach myself how to sew. It's been about 10 years.... luckily I have my own living room pillows to practice on!