Blog break

Hey lovelies, I planned to be back this week and on a regular posting schedule, but the turn of the new year as a new business owner is throwing me for a loop! Time to wrap up all my financial tracking, compile my year-end reports (to, um, myself), renew my licenses, etc. Whew - who knew that the last week of December would take on a whole new meaning once I owned a business!

Next week I'll be back 100% but until then, browse the archives (left sidebar) for some inspiration, check in on facebook, or keep tabs on me on twitter, as I've had some time to update those on the go! And be thinking of your blogging and style resolutions, because we'll be talking about those next week. Homework!

Hope you had a happy holiday! Get anything good? Ryan did very well and mostly shopped off the blog (smart boy!). Lonny magazine in print? Swoon.

Until next week, darlings!

xoxo Maggie