2011 Resolutions

Hi all, and thanks for bearing with me while I took a little breather last week. It was so good to be able to focus on year end stuff, projections for 2011, and to spend some time with Ryan, instead of rushing right to the computer after a long day at my day job.

I was able to do a LOT of thinking about the blog and about design, of course (I could barely come up with conversation that wasn't about curtains) and have some goals to share with you. And I hope you'll share some of your goals in the comment section too, or link over to your blog if you've written about your resolutions!

Blog Resolutions

1. Share more of our home and projects. First big purchase of the year will be a DSLR camera to do just that. And I won't toss DIY tutorials because of ugly pictures (yep, I've done that and not posted them!). And we have some projects in the pipeline!

2. Create opportunities for more involvement. A place to upload photos of your decor projects and to ask questions. Regular polls. Themed link parties. And I hope you'll be excited to participate, and invite your friends to join in on the fun too. I'm not interested in "dictating" design - let's talk about it! Local readers, look forward to some casual blogger meet-ups in the Seattle area.

3. More client projects - responses to my recent survey said that was one of the 3 things you wanted to see more off. I have some fun projects coming in 2011 and I'll be sure to share them!

4. New site design. This has been in the works for a while - the new logo was phase 1. I'll add better navigating tools, easy ways to find me out in social media land, a portfolio of my design projects (slowly collecting photos) and more.

Style Resolutions

1. Add more color! 2010 was all about lightening up and ditching the dark designs that I had in my first apartment. In 2011 I want to introduce color and pattern.

2. Declutter - everything should have a place.

3. Don't lose the gems - one "place" for things to live should be a "resting spot" when I want to swap out decor elements for a few months.

4. Freshen things up with paint - I have a laundry list of things waiting to be painted!

Personal Resolutions

1. The typical: Lose weight, exercise. Ryan and I hope to tackle this one as a team and keep each other accountable by working out together!

2. Save money. We met with a financial advisor in December and had some deep talks about our savings goals for 2 years, 5 years, 10 years, even 40 years from now. Every serious couple should do this! Scary and exciting to see your dreams on a calendar.

3. Reduce stress. 2010 sent me to the doctor, a counselor, and finally (by my own choice) a life coach (who was the best choice by far!). All pinpointed stress and anxiety as a major factor in my health and emotional state. Looking forward to kicking some stressors to the curb and embracing yoga and positive thinking for 2011.

In general, I'm looking forward to 2011 and all it has in store! I've updated my inspiration board and plan to use it to keep me motivated in the months to come.