Bedroom lamps

I was lucky to score some TJ Maxx gift cards for Christmas, and although my closet does need some sprucing, our lamp situation was calling out to me more! Luckily our local TJ Maxx had just gotten some new pairs of lamps and we chose these beauties:

We've been using $10 Ikea lamps for the last two years after I got them as a place-filler in my bachelorette pad. Couldn't afford what I really wanted at the time but needed light. So happy to finally get something I love! And at only $40 each, these puppies didn't break the bank either.

The yellowy shades have to go though. I'll either buy something new or recover these... not sure yet but I'm not rushing that decision! I already have my sights set on repainting the bedroom, so whatever I do will have to complement the new wall color. Oh yes, I have all kinds of goodies up my sleeve.

(Please ignore the wrinkled duvet - having a black cat and then buying a white duvet was one of my poorer decisions. Let's just focus on the lamps for now...)