Stylish blogger

Thanks to E of CHARM White and Amanda at CasaBrasi who sent me that Stylish Blogger Award that has been going around! The rule is to write 7 things about yourself, then pass the award along to 15 more stylish bloggers. Since I've seen a lot of bloggers already posting their 7 things, I'm going to go ahead and award EACH of you the Stylish Blogger award (or the brand-new Stylish Reader Award) and invite you to participate as well. 7 Things about Maggie

1. I am the opposite of athletic. In grade school, my sister tried to teach me to play soccer - I stepped on the ball, fell on my butt, and pretty much avoided all sports after that (I did take pompoms to school to cheer on the OTHER kids playing soccer). In college we had to take 4 PE credits (total bull, if you ask me). I signed up for 7 over the course of my 4 years there, as I kept having anxiety attacks the day I had to start the class, and would drop the credit. Finally, our senior year Ryan and I knocked out two during our January term by taking bowling in the morning and badminton in the afternoon. My wrists suffered, but it was fun.

2. I'm 5 ft and a half inch (my license says I'm 5'1", hehe). Ryan is almost 6 ft.

3. I love reading - I was well-known as a bookworm when I was younger. Wish I had more time for reading. I like to read in big massive chunks of time, so it's hard to make the time to do it much. I'm about to start The Help and can't wait to read it!

4. My childhood diary is full of decorating ideas. I was really hung-up on getting a bunk-bed (other kids wanted a pony, I wanted furniture). Got the bunk-bed, and about a year later it reads "I'm DYING to makeover my room. If I got rid of the bunk-bed, and built a loft..." Some things never change. And yes, I got my loft. And I painted my room sea-foam green one weekend with one of my best friends.

5. Worst habit: I pick my cuticles. Sometimes I don't even know I'm doing it. Drives Ryan crazy!

6. My favorite food of all time is an old fashioned mac & cheese recipe my dad makes. Noodles layered with white sauce (with onions, mandatory) and grated cheese, and baked until crisp on top and gooey everywhere else. Pretty much anything cheesy is ok in my book. My favorite meal was a duck dish at a little restaurant in Tacoma that has since closed. We went there for our 1 year anniversary (I think? Two years?). So tender and delicious.

7. I started my undergraduate degree with the intention of being a music major and going on to be an opera star. No kidding. I lived and breathed choir in middle school and high school and went to state competition my senior year for my choir group, a duet, and a solo. I was/am a soprano, although I don't sing much anymore so who knows what my range is like at this point! About a semester in, I knew that the music path wasn't right for me and I switched to an English major and did my emphasis in writing.

Ok, so let's hear from you guys!