Stairs update

So a while back I held a poll for what color we should paint our entry stairs. This was pre-landlord-approval, but it was fun to see the results. The two "painted runner" options were head-to-head, ending with white steps with a black runner in the lead by only 3 votes. Since it was my favorite too, I floated the idea by our landlord. No dice - painting the steps was fine, but he thought a dark color could make it a sight hazard for going down the steps (would be hard to tell where the steps ended, causing people to trip). So we're going with a cream runner on white steps! I still think it will be beautiful.

Ryan is in no big hurry to pull out the paint brushes while it's still cold out, but I did pick up some paint swatches yesterday to be able to hit the ground running when he gives the green light. In the meantime, here is what I'm currently dealing with:

Going up!

And headed down:

Allllll that wall space you see will be painted to match our dining room (Benjamin Moore's Mocha Cream), leaving the snow-white trim alone. I'd also love to add a splash of color to the inside of the door, and get a little window treatment happening downstairs. And even though our little entry is teensy, I'd love to add a kilim or antique rug. Since the door pretty much fills the space, we'll continue to use the table at the top of our stairs as our "entry". More coming on that soon.