Bedroom colors

Sorry for the late post today - I was waiting for the sun to come out to take some photos, but I think it's about as bright as it's going to get today and it's pretty dreary. I think I mentioned that I'm dying to paint the bedroom. Since Ryan put a hold on the hallway painting, I've started eyeing other rooms. Got the painting itch! Anyway, there is nothing WRONG with the blue, but I'm tired of it. I'd like something a little murkier and more romantic.

We picked up about 40 swatches at Lowes last weekend, quickly narrowed it down when we got home to about 20. Changed the lights a little and that knocked out another 12 pretty fast. Now we're down to this group so they actually got taped to the wall (Young House Love style).

As you can see, we're leaning toward a batch of pinky and purply grays (some of them are coming across as straight purple in this shot) and a few whites. We're not considering the two darkest shades, as this is already a very dark room (which is bonus for sleeping, bad for reading in bed without all the lights on). Hopefully we'll be able to choose something soon, and then I might just wait until Ryan is out of the house for the day and whip out the brushes. Hopefully he's not reading this, haha.