New art: Ostriches

We've been moving art around quite a bit lately! So last week when we moved the little photo from above the entry table to make room for the marbled paper, we stole that frame from the stair landing. So, from this (sorry you can't really see the art, it's a print that Ryan had when we moved in together):

To this:

...which left a big empty wall at the landing.

Luckily, I won a giveaway over at Brooklyn Limestone - I got to pick one of her beautiful photos to have printed, even at poster size. When presented with "poster size" as an option, I always take it. Voila:

In fact, it was so big that I couldn't get a proper picture of it (the glare from the window didn't help). The photo is from Mrs. Limestone's trip to Kenya. It has the most beautiful muted shades of lavender, gray, pink, and yellow. I just love it. Thank you Brooklyn Limestone! Mrs. Limestone sells her travel and art prints here, so you can get your very own.