Laurie's Living Room

I was organizing my e-decorating files last night and realized that I never shared this living room design on the blog! Laurie's home is very traditional but she and her husband definitely have modern, clean taste and love modern art and bold color. We kept the wall paint but brought in more furniture to join what she already had (plus some goodies from the basement) and styled the (swoon!) built-in bookshelves with some great accessories. The room:

My design:

We created two distinct seating areas using the chairs she already had by the fireplace, ditching the boxy chair, and creating another new seating area by the bookshelves using a petite sofa, new slipper chair, and recovering a chair they already had. The piano moved farther down the wall - the space right by the doorway was filled with a new console (perfect for entertaining, as this room feeds into the dining room) and two brass lamps were topped with red shades.

I hope you enjoy seeing a glimpse of my client work from time to time. Not all clients like having their homes up on the blog (especially the before pictures) but I do like to share when I get the go-ahead. Lots of common design dilemmas to be shared, like this long and narrow room that also serves as a walkway from entry hall to dining room.

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