Ring pulls

We've been focusing more on detail work as we prep our house for a photoshoot in mid-March. One thing I've been wanting to do is update the table we use as a tv stand.

This was actually sold as a coffee table at Target a few years ago when I bought it, but all the reviews said they used it as a tv stand. It was great for me when I had a tv and a dvd player. But boys come with toys, so we're now storing a stereo, blu-ray player, xbox, apple tv.... etc. So it's a little crowded and isn't a "forever" piece. But it is a "right now" piece and I'm working with what we got. By the way, it's photographing as much more "cherry" than it is in person. The wood is warm, but definitely a dark espresso stain, not cherry.

So I picked up two brass ring pulls from Lee Valley (pulls were cheap, shipping was a little high for only two items, but it was still under $15). They took me about 4 minutes to install last night while Ryan cooked dinner.

I LOVE them! The piece looks like it cost $100 more than it did. And what is inside? Man toys, of course!

Oh yes, I managed to fit all but three of the video games in there (and one controller lives with the remotes on the coffee table because I do like to stream Netflix on the xbox).

What else is going on in our living room?

Our new pillows have fluffy inserts! $10 for an 18x18 down pillow form at Crate and Barrel.

There's the fourth. It will soon be sitting on a cushion that will be our new "window seat". For now Thisbe has been sleeping on that fuzzy throw blanket. Speaking of which...

Thisbe says hello!