Bedroom colors

So I have had a color picked out for a few weeks, but I'm finally getting to PAINT the bedroom this weekend! I thought I'd share a little mock-up of the color palette that the room with have with the new color.

The wall color really changes a lot with the light. Sometimes it's gray, sometimes it's more of a dark (not creepy) mauve, sometimes it reads a little pinker. The shade the far left is a close representative. The pale gray is seen in our current dresser. Eventually it will be replaced with something bigger and this smaller one will go to live in the closet as linen storage. The middle blue represents our lamps. Love them! The pink is really more of an accent, in the trim of our duvet and shams, in our For Like Ever print, and in the roman shade in the closet (which you haven't seen yet!). The dark color is supposed to represent our Turkish rug that is over at the foot of the bed.

Add to this lots of white and some gold accents and we're in business. Become a fan on facebook, because I shared a sneak peek of the color (a swatch on the wall!) over there!

P.S. Thanks to my pal Christina and her hubby who introduced me to Colour Lovers because I needed another way to waste hours upon hours on the internet!