Bedroom Painting

My friend Laura and I painted my bedroom this weekend! Poor Ryan was sick on the couch, but he did manage to help me touch up some spots today where I needed a tall man! Here's the cleared-out-room before:

Here's a paint-still-drying shot:

And here is the best I can get to show what the color really looks like in person!

During the day it really looks gray, but under our lights (especially when we have the overhead light on) at night the purple really comes out. It's a really rich and creamy tone that makes you stop and wonder "what color is that?". I LOVE it.

Yesterday we touched up the trim and so we're still getting the furniture back into place. I'm not totally sure that I want everything back exactly as it was. The new moodiness of the room is begging for some gold or brass accents and I'm ready to retire the frilliness of the white mirror that was above the dresser before. Not sure where we'll land, but I'll be hitting up some thrift shops and discount stores in the meanwhile!

The color is "Winter Calm" from Valspar, but we had the kind gents at Lowes mix it with Olympic's No VOC paint (they can do Low VOC, but even the tints are VOC-free with No VOC). It was basically odorless, though we did keep a window open. Ryan and I slept in the room Friday night with the window closed and by then couldn't smell a thing. Not only is it better for your body, it's also a great solution for painting during the winter when you don't want all the windows open overnight! I didn't notice any difference in coverage or quality of paint.