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I made a little pit-stop at World Market today by my office. Not looking for anything in particular (except Nutella, mmm). But they had crazy markdowns on furniture, drapes, and pillows. I hovered around the pillow wall for a while to snap some photos.

LOVED this color combo with the silky ikat and turquoise velvet (and yep, those are giant suzani floor pillows!)

This is (of course) the worst picture, but I loved the mixture of colors on this wall; all shades of gray in various textures, pretty soft lime greens and yellows, and that lovely blue-gray.

Oh yeah, those dark charcoal velvet pillows? $10. Get thee to World Market!

So did I leave with anything? Oh yeah.

That pretty-pretty was on clearance for $10! I grabbed it and hung on, and you better believe there were other women there eyeing it while I carried it around. I'm sending Ryan to the WM by HIS office this week to see if we can get another.

(PS The color quality on that photo is not really true to life, and yes I need to starch those shams!)