How much is that kitty in the window?

The one on the lovely new seat? Well, Thisbe's not for sale, but she did serve as a lovely model for my latest project - a windowseat for the living room!

When we bought the Ikea shelf to house the records and record player (down there at the end), we thought it would also be a great way of bringing in a little more seating. Maybe not for four people at once, but in a pinch, someone a little heavier than Thisbe will have somewhere to sit besides the floor.

Using four-inch upholstery foam (you can see a hunk of leftover in the right side of the pic), I covered it with a cheapo fabric from Joann's that I got originally for pillows for the sofa. Since the background color (the brown) matches the sofa EXACTLY, the pattern looked like it was floating on the couch. Weird effect. Luckily we had this spot waiting for some fabric.

I cut the foam to shape (wishing I'd had the ladies at Joann's do this, as it would have been a cleaner cut) and wrapped the fabric around it like a present, using fabric glue to secure it. Do I wish I had the skills to sew a box-structured cover with piping and a zipper to remove it when someone spills? Yes. Am I going to Scotchguard the hell out of it because I didn't take the time to learn to do that? Yes.

Luckily Thisbe seems to like her new sunny morning spot to perch. What do you think?