Happy Monday, chickies! I feel like I ran around like a crazy person this weekend, making bits and pieces of progress on projects, but don't have anything big to show for it this morning. We've made progress on the bedroom, I made tweaks to the dining room and living room (the office, you might say, is a disaster). After painting last weekend we've been putting the bedroom back together. First thing I decided was that the new dresser we've been thinking about must become ours. ASAP.  The little dresser just isn't cutting it. I was trying some new art arrangements, seeing how For Like Ever looked over the dresser.... let's just say that it looked great and I'm filing the arrangement away for my future little girl's nursery (as in, far in the future, no news here!). Not so much for a room where a man sleeps. Too much pink happening. So new dresser will bring in some heft. New mirror will add some non-gendered glamour. And what better way to add some edginess to a room than with black? So now I'm dreaming of this lamp to top off new dresser:

At $350 it will NOT be gracing our lovely abode anytime soon (Ryan's eyes bugged out of his head when he saw that, and no amount of reassurance from me that it wasn't the MOST expensive lamp in the world would convince him it was a good buy). But hopefully that gives you an idea of the direction I'm leaning.

I've also ordered oodles of things online, including new lampshades for the bedroom and the makings of a roman shade for the office to finally put that suzani fabric to use.

And yep, all this chatter means my photoshoot of the house is back on schedule for March! Lots of prep to do. If I can make an actual list without having my head explode, I'll for sure share the punch list with you.

What did you do this weekend? Anyone finish any big projects?