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Curb appeal


Since reading my mom's Metropolitan Home subscription since I was a pre-teen, I developed a healthy fascination with homes and real estate. Probably a big part of why the career of decorator calls out to me. I like to spend an afternoon once in a while driving or walking around new parts of our neighborhood looking at the pretty houses. And a noticeable portion of my tear sheets are exteriors (at least, my scanned images - I don't see a ton online). For exteriors I have fairly standard (maybe generic) taste. Nothing too outlandish for me. But I love older homes, especially that have been well cared for and updated, and I love a beautiful garden. Even better if it's spilling over with hydrangeas. I'm especially a sucker for big porches. When Ryan and I buy a home (most likely a fixer-upper), this will be the kind of end-result potential I'll try to imagine:

Photos: Scanned eons ago, I think they are: House Beautiful, Elle Decor, Country Living, Elle Decor, New York Times (not scanned).