Kitchen Update

As renters, we make relatively few changes to our kitchen. But last summer we did buy this Ikea kitchen island to increase our counter space and add a little storage. Last weekend Ryan came into the kitchen to see me moving it around. He brought our little wire cart out of storage, and now we have a whole new set-up that really takes advantage of the space we have.

Having the island come out from the wall means that we're less likely to store stuff on top of it, tucked away in the corner. The toaster no longer has top billing, but it's surprisingly light and can easily be put up top when we're craving toast. We did move the garbage can, as it had been to the right under the window, but that started to feel really cozy really fast. Can't move the stool because that's Thisbe's neighborhood watch perch (there's a kitty across the street she's spying on too).

The wire rack is in beta mode right now - we like the idea of extra storage but aren't 100% sure what will make it over there. Right now, cereal, crackers, and our rice have made it on. Ryan clipped a plastic bag on to collect when he comes home from the grocery store (really, we just need to be better about using our reuseable bags). You get a clear shot of Thisbe's perch next to the compost pail, and her food dishes. We use a vinyl placemat under her food that is easy to wipe up and never looks wrinkled.

In reality, I probably shouldn't be paying attention to the kitchen because we have a photoshoot to prep for. The kitchen isn't on the shot list (although it may end up in the background). Here's my punch list (counting down to March 30th):

Make roman shade(s)

Clean office (it's a magnet for clutter)

Spray paint 3 frames

Hang art (all over the house)

Order prints for other frames

Buy dresser

Buy mirror

Shop for last-minute changes to dining room (just decorative stuff)

Decide how to arrange pillows on bed, maybe get others

Get new lampshades (ordered) and add trim

Trim existing lampshade

About a billion other tiny things

Style the living daylights out of everything. Annnd I think that about covers it. Happy Weekend

PS I'm adding an extra photo of the kitchen over on the facebook page!