Gallery wall update

So waaaaay back I said that I'd been planning to re-do my gallery wall arrangement in the dining room. It was looking like this:

I didn't like the weird variety of sizes, or how far apart everything was spaced.

So we recently ended up with this:

And yes, there is a little space by that horse that I meant to fill.

But friends, I just wasn't feeling it. I liked the arrangement SO much more than the old, but I think that I'd outgrown this concept for the dining room wall. Most of the pieces I've been collecting since before we moved here, always with the intention that I would arrange them as a group. But I'm just kind of.... done with it.

So after all that (and this wasn't the first time I'd made over the arrangment), we now have an empty wall and some nail holes that are waiting to be patched.

What will I hang there instead? I don't have a clue. But I guess I'd better figure out at least a temporary solution before my photo shoot!