How 'bout a drink?

I'm a little obsessed with my new bar glasses. I snagged them from Antiquaria (see, Etsy isn't the only place to find vintage!).

The design is just a little faded but I sort of like that about them. They are the perfect size for a little whisky on the rocks (Ryan) or a rum and coke (me).  I originally bought the set of four that was listed, then they emailed me to say they found another two while packing them up and would I like to buy them too? Um, YES. The set of 6 cost me $20 (plus shipping). And the sweet people at Antiquaria are brillz online retailers -  everything was well packaged, they included a cute card and envelope, and a neat freebie (cocktail picks that I love!). The attention to detail was impressive (cute shipping labels on top of everything else). I'll definitely be taking some tips from them!