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Ready to see messy house pictures? And I don't mean just 'oh I didn't style these pictures"... I mean MESSY. Saturday night in an act of desperation, we swapped our bedroom and office.

We'd picked up our new dresser, and while technically it fit in the room, it felt too big for the room. Not wanting to disassemble and return it (and not wanting to start the dresser hunt over from scratch), we opted to tear the whole house upside down in an effort to make it work.

First the office was moved into the dining room (and living room)...

Then we were able to move bedroom furniture out... (there's the new dresser!)

Bed now where Ryan's desk and the printer used to be (we haven't even bothered to move the art yet)....

And then we were able to get our office set-up...

We're still getting things settled and still haven't hung any art. But I'm liking it!

Cons: It was a PITA to move everything, we'd just painted the bedroom and now need to paint the NEW bedroom, the new bedroom closet does fit my skirts or Ryan's dress pants, the old bedroom was closer (by, like 7 feet) to the bathroom.

Pros: I actually really like the new paint color with our office stuff (especially my linen pin board), the office is now very spacious, we have more office furniture than bedroom furniture so it doesn't feel as crowded, the new dresser looks right at home, I get to look at new paint swatches!

I'll get better pictures later this week when it's cleaned up a little, and hopefully when I have paint on the walls in the bedroom. Not doing the same color because the light is dramatically different... probably going for a clean off-white. And then we're off to hang art again!

So what do you think? Am I totally nuts? Tell me I'm not the only one swapping rooms at 11 pm on a Saturday night...