Outdoor living

Last year Ryan and I had so much fun planning our garden. From building the beds to planting and harvesting, there was always something to learn and something to get excited about. We can't wait to tackle the garden this year (actually, we can.... we're planning to hit the ground running NEXT weekend!). Since the large expense of the beds, dirt, and amendments was covered last year, this year we have a little budget left for patio furniture.

This is what we're working with:

Obviously this was taken last summer!

That big white/gray square is actually the roof of the garage that is on our lot (the street is just to the right of the frame). It's painted cement and gets VERY hot in the sun. Only one time last year did we bring out a folding table to use for a party (along with the grill, of course). The rest of the summer we used a picnic blanket. So this year I'm planning to get a little fancier.

First of all, I'd LOVE to replace the "death fence" as we call it (rickety wire fencing) with lattice, and grow some climbing flowers on it from cement planters. Would be beautiful and practical (hello, privacy - we're seriously right above the street like we're on stage!).  Next up, a few more planters by the existing ones for tomatoes and maybe peppers. Then a beautiful outdoor rug, probably an 8x10 or 9x12, a table and chairs, and a big umbrella. It would also be ideal to have a nice pair of lounge chairs.

So we'll see where we end up this year! At the very least, I'd like a welcoming place for summer outdoor entertaining, and what better place to start than with outdoor furniture! (At least that's what I keep telling Ryan).

Any big outdoor plans for you this spring/summer? I'd love to hear about them!

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