Around our house

Where did the weekend go? It was one of the first weekends that we didn't have a ton of house projects to do, and I feel like it flew by! We did manage to get out into the garden, till in some new compost and get our first starts in the ground (onions and garlic) and will plant lettuce, bush beans, carrots and radishes next. Our herbs survived the winter pretty well, and we added more sage and a new parsley plant. Naturally we did not get any pictures - will definitely snap some next weekend!

I also spent some time out on our back porch. It's rather homely. I'd like to do something with it once the weather warms up, but I don't want to spend a ton of money. Ideas?

The main issue is that it needs painting, but that's kind of out of our hands. The roof is also really low (as in, I can touch it, and I'm super short). There is a little more space (behind me) than in this picture, but it's not a huge space. That little pot has our gardenia that I'm hoping comes back...

I've also been spending some time thinking about Easter decorating because we're hosting a small dinner this year and I want it to feel special. I'm not big into over-the-top themey holidays outside of Christmas and MAYBE Thanksgiving. And there won't be any kids, so it's not like we have to have dyed eggs or anything too cutesy. I'm thinking simple and classic, using this display from Eddie Ross as loose inspiration:

No promises on an egg tree but I could probably do the chocolates. Did I mention this also has to be the budgety-est budget event ever? I'm leaving Ryan with the menu planning (as long as I get a say in dessert and as long as he makes buttery rosemary rolls. That's all I ask).

And Sunday we did a ton of cleaning and I met with a friend about redecorating her bedroom. We're going to do all the shopping and install next weekend, so that will be fun!

What did you do this weekend? Have any great porch or Easter ideas to share?