Here's an angle you don't usually get to see of our house, taken while I was lounging in the wingback chair. You'll see our tv area (with new-ish brass ring pulls), our board game collection (two shelves and growing), and where we keep family pictures.

You'll also see that some art has found a new home. I'd kind of like to add a pair of little benches under the print (the bookshelves are immediately to the left, so it's not totally alone in the corner). Hmm, maybe someday.

I like how clean and crisp the dining room furniture looks from here, and I like that you get a glimpse into the kitchen. You can also see the inset light in our super-low ceilings that barely puts out any light (the ceilings are lower in the hall, dining, living, and bathrooms, and high in the kitchen and bedrooms). Even Ryan is ready to spring for some sort of pendant lamp for over the table (can't be hardwired so options have been tricky)... and you can imagine that he doesn't suggest a whole lot of projects since I keep our list pretty full.

Saw this while I was flipping through iPhoto and thought I'd share a glimpse... thinking of doing a video tour sometime if you'd be interested...? What do you think?