Ottoman DIY

I seem to find my best before-and-after examples while cruising Twitter. Since this is almost exactly what I have in mind for a client who is on a budget, I knew I had to share! A DIY ottoman, starting with a console table! The before:

And the awesome after:

The legs were cut down, foam is cut to fit the top, then wrapped in batting. She also constructed upholstered panels for the sides (which I can see would be helpful in evening out the lip on the top and dealing with the drawer, but otherwise I don't know would be necessary). They added tufting. LOVE the fabric she chose, and kudos for the attention to detail in aligning the pattern!

This is essentially what I've been wanting to do for a client, only starting with a coffee table, hopefully 3 feet square. Even cheaply made ottomans that size aren't cheap, especially when you're planning to reupholster it anyway. So we're hoping to accomplish a similar DIY for under $75. We're using an oversized floral print, so hopefully the upholstery process won't be too hard either. Fingers crossed!

Let's give it up for Kat and her hubby for taking on this project and coming up with a great result!

Photos from Maple Leaves and Sycamore Trees blog, also seen on Danielle Oakey Interiors.