Quitting my day job

Yesterday I put in notice at my job. I am at once hopeful, excited, scared shitless, energetic, and faithful.

This day has been some time in the making. I have known for a while that it was not the right path, that I didn't belong there, and that I wasn't pursuing what was most passionate to me. It's been hard. It's been hard for me to hear people say "you should be grateful just to have a job" because I KNOW. Without that stability over the last year and a half, I don't know what we would have done when Ryan was laid off (without possibility of unemployment benefits) for nearly a year. And while I've been grateful for the comfort that afforded me, I do not encourage  anyone to stay in a job if the main reason is because someone else tells you "you're lucky to have it". It's not good for the soul.

And I've stuck it out, but I'm elated today because finally the time is right to venture onto my true path, interior design.

Do I have it all figured out? No. Do I know for sure that decorating will pay all my bills in the next six months? No. Am I prepared to work at the coffee shop down the street to make ends meet? Yes.

So, what's next? I've lined up some freelance work as kind of a design assistant. I'm also taking on more clients (so especially if you're in the Seattle area, let's talk!), both locally and online. I'll be setting up a client referral reward system. I have some photo shoots up my sleeve and some event design. If I have to pick up something part time to fill the gaps, I will (and I'm sure it will be necessary at some point before I am booked full-time). I'm also excited to spend more time on the blog, more time on the shop, more time connecting with local designers and creatives, and am open to the possibilities! My last day is May 31st. I have some major work projects to wrap up and hand off, but I'll still be here, five days a week, and with even more goodies and excitement in store.

I am by nature a planner. For the first time, I'm not exactly sure what is ahead of me a few months down the pipeline. But I've been strangely zen about that - I just have faith that great things are coming. I'm welcoming them with open arms! You know when you just KNOW? I KNOW that this is the right move for me now, even though the details are still hazy. And yes, I'm slightly terrified and wondering if I'm crazy from time to time and have doubts and fears. But it's time to DO something that I'm passionate about and that energizes me and makes me want to jump out of bed in the morning and get to work.

And a huge, big warm fuzzy hug to all of my readers and fellow-bloggers, especially the long-timers, and particularly to these lovely people: Laura, Jackie, Jill, Deanna, Christina, Jess, Michelle, Cassandra, and Kelly Beall. Thank you ALL for your support, emails, twitter-hugs, pom pom shaking, and tough love. I would not be here today with the confidence I have without you.

Much love and gratitude, Maggie