Quiet bedroom

A few months ago I worked on this bedroom design and just realized that I never shared it here on the blog. I was working on it before we switched bedrooms, and I'm pretty sure that some of the aesthetic of this space seeped into my own bedroom at home!

The room had beautiful detailing, soft gray paint with white trim, a lovely fireplace with built-in bookshelves, and a little window nook with a chaise lounge. But the floors were very dark, the existing rug was dark, and all the furniture was heavy in a dark espresso finish. For the homeowner who loved soft classic spaces, it was too dark and oppressing. We wanted to lighten up and bring some softness to the corners.

The chair and skirted table go together in an empty corner with that fun silver lamp. I suggested a trellis print fabric for a custom skirt on the table, as well as custom shams for the bed. I suggested replacing the floor rug (at the time, Pottery Barn was having a great sale). We added lots of these pearly white curtains. The marbled paper (at the top) would be framed over the  fireplace.

I just love the airy light mix of these pieces. Next week I'll share more pictures of our own bedroom because I definitely was influenced by this project!

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