Nursery design

Let's start out our Monday morning with a little  interior inspiration, shall we? I love a good nursery design. For an expectant family, it is a way to symbolically and practically prepare for a wee arrival and also a chance to be extra creative in design. When my mama-time comes, you won't find a cookie cutter nursery in our house. Have fun! At least until they're old enough to have an opinion on what their room looks like!

Just one of the reasons I love Baby Kendall's nursery, from blogger Shelli at a la mode:

How cute is the blue and lime color scheme? I love that the design manages to incorporate timeless pieces (the crib, the chair) with some blatantly modern and fun textiles (easily swapped out for a sibling!). And, I can't get over the adorable framing of Kendall's daddy's own baby clothes. Too precious, and invokes a great sense of history and family.