More bedroom

By now you've seen the pro pics of our bedroom since the big overhaul and switch with the office space. But the two shots I ended up keeping for that room don't totally show how the space is configured. So here are a few of my (not-pro!) pictures. This one is a similar angle to the portfolio shot but gives a little more context.

And this one is from right in front of the closet door (both doors in the room are right next to each other - saves SO much space-planning trouble!)

Little styling trick of the eye - there are only two of those lamps and they are usually on the nightstands. Didn't have time to find the right lamp for the dresser top before the shoot.... rather, I found LOTS of things I couldn't afford. So for now, in real life, there is no lamp there.

I'm also planning on either moving the painting or adding some wall-bound jewelry storage for practicality's sake. I'll let you know how that goes.

Other things about this (newish) room: Paint is Olympic's White Wisp. I had been envisioning something whiter but I like how it turned out. It's very calming and the other whites in the room still pop off of it a bit. The curtains are Pottery Barn - I was getting REALLY discouraged looking for nice drapes that weren't "fancy" but were still super-long and weren't $100 per panel. Pottery Barn had some great options but these ones were on clearance for like $40 for both of them. Since it was too late in the game to DIY, we went for it. I still need to hem them about 3 inches.

You can't really tell in the photos, but one of my favorite moments is the glass finials on the curtain rod. We picked that up from Lowes and hung it high and wide to give the window a little more oomph. The quilt is usually in storage. It's a family heirloom and already in kind of rough shape and Miss Thisbe doesn't need to (literally) get her claws in it. I do like it for a sweet touch in here, wish we could have it out more. We'll also be replacing the duvet cover eventually (it was only $30 including shams on Overstock) because she is slowly destroying it with claw pricks and fur. Sigh. Oh the glamorous life we lead!

Hope you enjoyed a little more info on the bedroom!